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special mirror deluxe

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special mirror deluxe __ A mirror is an object that has at least one of its surfaces being reflective in nature. The first ‘mirrors’ were created using obsidian, a type of volcanic glass, in 6000BC. It is only during the early renaissance period that mirrors as we know them started being made in Europe, whereby glass was coated using a combination of tin and mercury. From then onwards, better quality mirrors have been made in many different styles.

Venetian mirrors are highly regarded works of art that were first produced in early 16th century Venice; they are currently produced on the island of Murano. The origins of the Venetian mirror date back to the Renaissance when Venice already excelled in the production of mirrors and other skills in glassmaking.These mirrors are crafted in fourteen separate stages including faceting of the glass, the engraving of various designs like fruiting vines and scroll motifs, and a traditional silvering process. 

Venetian mirrors are widely regarded as being the most stylish and elegant.Venetian mirrors have the power to enhance the space in an elegant style. This piece of art works like a jewelry for homes. Being the pioneers, Jago Merah Craft produces extremely high quality Venetian mirrors. Popularly known for handcrafted mirrors, brilliance of colours and their precision of engraving, grinding and finishing.

Venetian mirrors are available in various designs and dimensions. A range of furniture and artefacts are also available in Venetian mirrors. With constant efforts, brilliant idea and with the help of technology, Jago Merah Craft glassmakers have come to design and produce the ‘future of Venetian Mirrors’.

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